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Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Lung Cancer Treatment An Overview

Lung Cancer is a term that is used to describe the abnormal or uncontrolled tissue growth within the lungs of an individual. Lung cancer can be caused by factors such as excessive smoking, exposure to radiation, pollution, inhalation of fine particulate matter, and other carcinogenic agents that can contribute to the development of cancer in the lungs.

For the treatment of lung cancer, typically involves the use of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to remove, kill, or damage cancer cells in the body. These treatments sometimes can be given in combination with different types of procedures and can help control the spread of cancer and prevent the cancerous cells from recurring.

Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Lung cancer treatment cost in India can range from Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 9,00,000. The pre-treatment diagnosis; patient conditions; other detailed assessments; type of operations; and hospital stays for the patient and the caregiver are considered in this package. However, costs implicated in the treatment may differ depending on the cancer type, stage, or any other circumstances as per the healthcare practitioner’s advice.

Surgery: Lung cancer is divided into Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) which has not spread and Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) which is limited to a single tumor; these are surgical stages. Your surgeon may wish to take out the tumor and a little bit of the surrounding tissue so that they can be certain they have left no cancer cells behind. At times, they are required to surgically excise or resect all or part of your lung in order to have the highest probability of not having the cancer return. 

Radiation Therapy: Radiation exposes the high-energy beams that destroy cancer cells. It can stand alone or it can help in enhancing the ability of surgery. There are patients that have NSCLC and SCLC, and it is employed in both instances. 

Chemotherapy: The use of anti-cancer drugs that are used to halt cell division in the body. It can be administered before surgery or after surgery or together with other forms of medication like immunotherapy. Typically, lung cancer is treated through intravenous administration of the chemicals used in the chemotherapy. 

Targeted Therapy: Lung cancer cells in some individuals with NSCLC have specific characteristics known as mutations that assist in the growth of the cancer. Such mutations are attacked by special drugs in order to try to slow down or destroy the cancer cells. Some other drugs known as angiogenesis inhibitors can prevent the formation of new blood vessels that the cancer cells require to grow. 

Immunotherapy: The human body has a regular way of identifying cells that are either diseased or are ones that can harm the body and then eliminate them. Immunotherapy exposes cancer cells to your immune system so that the body can combat cancer on its own.

Types For Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Surgery: The cost of lung cancer surgery in India ranges from Rs. 2,91,000 to Rs. 5,83,000 depending on the complexity and hospital.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy cost in India range from Rs. 41,000 to Rs. 91,000, varying by drug type and dosage. A single cycle for chemotherapy can start from Rs. 50,000.

Radiation Therapy: The cost for radiation therapy is approximately Rs. 91,000 to Rs. 2,58,000 for a complete course.

Targeted Therapy: Targeted therapy can cost between Rs. 62,000 per cycle, depending on the medication used.

Immunotherapy: Immuno Therapy cost in India on average starts from Rs. 85,000 per cycle, depending on the medication used.

Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India Vs Other Countries

CountriesPrice Starting From
United KingdomRs. 11,00,000
U.S.Rs. 13,00,000
TurkeyRs. 7,00,000
UAERs. 7,50,000
ThailandRs. 4,00,000

Factors Influencing Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

The price mentioned is solely for the treatment other additional treatment costs will be there for the final cost of lung cancer treatment in India. Here are the key factors that influence the expenses associated with lung cancer therapy:

Cancer Stage: Any type of cancer detected at an early stage has simpler treatment measures and is less costly than when the cancer has been diagnosed at an advanced stage. Lung cancer cases diagnosed at a later stage usually cost more to treat and have more complex procedures like radiation and chemotherapy among others.

Kind of Therapy Required: Some of the treatment procedures for lung cancer are more expensive as compared to others. For instance, there are higher chances of charges of radiation and chemotherapy than that of surgery.

Hospital or clinic’s location: The general trend of treating a patient in a private hospital or clinic is more costly as compared to a public hospital.

Medication costs: There are some drugs that affect the total expense of lung cancer treatment in India in a way.

Patient Condition: As earlier noted, the level of consolidation of a patient’s overall health complications is a variable factor that determines the duration of a particular treatment and hence the cost.

Duration of treatment: Indications that require several doses can be expensive since the total amount that you will be charged will be relatively high.

The expertise and experience of medical professionals: High fees are charged by the oncologist specialists and surgeons with significant experience and or who are renowned adding to the cost of the treatment.

What Are the Ways to Ease the Burden of Your Cost During Lung Cancer Treatment in India?

Here are some ways to ease your financial burden during lung cancer treatment in India:

  • Find out if your employer is among the organizations that offer any form of support to patients going for lung cancer treatment in India.
  • It is also necessary to search for the governmental programs that can offer financial support to the patients during lung cancer treatments in India.
  • One can think of crowdfunding or approaching a non-profit organization that offers financial support for lung cancer patients in India.

Top Hospitals for Lung Cancer Treatment in India

India being known as one of the top 10 medical tourism places has a wide range of treatment options in all speciality. The provide is also known to have some of the best hospitals in the globe that provide top-notch treatment to patients of all types and have the cutting-edge technology for cancer type. Here is a list of the top 10 hospitals for lung cancer treatment in India: 

  1. Fortis Hospital Gurgaon
  2. Max Hospital Saket, New Delhi
  3. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi
  4. BLK Hospital New Delhi
  5. Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central
  6. Global Hospital Chennai
  7. MGM Healthcare, Chennai
  8. Artemis Hospital Gurgaon
  9. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai 
  10. Fortis Escorts Hospital New Delhi

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