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Nationally and Inter-nationally recognized Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Narender Kumar Magu, and a Pioneer in “Hip preservation/ Reconstruction/ Proximal Femoral Osteotomies” in the management of various hip disorders and “Pelvi-acetabular fractures”. A major part of his academic career was focused in establishing the super-specialty of “Hip Preservation” at Pt. B D Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, Haryana (India).


Honours and Awards of Dr. Nk Magu

  1. Valgus osteotomy in the management of pathological femoral neck fractures. Best paper of the session in oncology session. Indian Orthopaedic Association, Chennai, 2004.
  2. Co-author: “Normal Lumbar Spinal Canal Measurements on Computed Tomography”. S.R. Joglekar Gold Medal Award December, 1995
  3. Second Best Paper award in Poster Exhibition: Condylar blade plating in trochanteric fractures with osteoporosis: National Conference on Trauma. Rohtak, Sept 16-18, 1994.
  4. “Valgisation osteotomy in sub-capital femoral neck fractures”. IV Koval International Orthopaedic Conference on Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement Surgery, ORTHOCON 1993.
  5. S.R. Joglekar Gold medal award: “Electromyography in lumbar radiculopathy”. By Association of Surgeons of India and Editorial Board Indian Journal of Surgery. Dec 1993.
  6. Operative Treatment of Acetabular Fractures: IV Kovai Inter-National Orthopaedic Conference on Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement Surgery, ORTHOCON, 1993.
  1. Conferred upon “FAMS” Fellow of National academy of Medical Sciences by National Academy of Medical Sciences, Oct 2014.
  2. Excellent Medical Teacher Award 2014 by National board of medical examination.
  3. Awarded Indian Orthopaedic Society U.K. Senior Fellowship by Indian Orthopaedic Association; September 12 -25, 2010 to visit UK and present scientific work in various centers.
  4. Awarded A.O Fellowship (Switzerland and Germany) from April 2 to June 23, 1989.
  5. Visiting Professor in Alfred Hospital Melbourne, Australia Oct 3-16, 2009.
  6. Recognized International invited faculty to deliver lectures on “Pelvi-acetabular fractures and proximal femoral osteotomies” by SICOT 2013 Hyderabad for convening a symposium on osteotomies around Hip in adolescents, APOA 2012 New Delhi (Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association), “IOSUK” Association of Indian Orthopaedic surgeons of UKEgyptian Orthopaedic association Cairo, and Orthopaedic association of Bangladesh, 7th Biennial Orthopaedic association of SAARC countries and 34th annual conference of Sri Lankan Orthopaedic association of Sri Lanka, 8th Biennial Orthopaedic association of SAARC countries Agra and AO Trauma Japan.
  7. Referee to Judge prestigious National award “Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award” for the year 2015.
  8. Wrote an editorial and bring out an issue of “International Journal of Orthopaedics” (Hong Kong) by inviting 10 eminent authors from all over world.
  9. Convener and Moderator of scientific sessions on “Pelvi-acetabular fractures” and “Osteotomies around Hip in Adolescent hip disorders” in International meetings of APOA New Delhi(2012), SICOT International Hyderabad (2013), (Egypt Cairo Dec, 2015, Asia Pacific association of Orthopaedic surgeon Melbourne Australia (March-April 2016) and AO Trauma Japan Nov, 2016
  10. Invited National AO faculty since 1994 for various AO courses, AO Alumni meetings, and to conduct workshops on Osteotomies and Pelvi-acetabular fractures.
  11. Co-chairman osteotomy course AO trauma Kolkata 2014.
  12. Invited National faculty for “Continuing Orthopaedic progamme” since 1996 Indian Orthopaedic Association for most of courses till IOACON-2015 Jaipur.
  13. Invited faculty in various Instructional courses of Indian Orthopaedic Association since 1994.
  14. Presented Scientific lectures/ papers on Pelvi-acetabular fractures and Proximal femoral osteotomies in “Shock trauma center Baltimore USA”, Alfred Hospital Melbourne Australia” (as a visiting Prof), Association of Indian Orthopaedic Surgeons UK “IOASUK” Glasgow, Birmingham, Hurdusfiled UK and Wrightington Hospital Liverpool ( as a visiting fellow), Sweden, Thailand, Check republic, UK, Israel, Shock trauma center Baltimore USA.
  15. Reviewer and member editorial board of more than dozen International; National societies and Journals including Clinical Orthopaedic and related research a Publication of Journal of Bone and Joint Surgeons.
  16. Fellows of Indian Orthopaedic association and state Orthopaedic Surgeons visit my center at PGIMS Rohtak to learn acetabular surgery and Hip reconstruction especially Proximal femoral osteotomies.
  17. Examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate examinations of various National universities which include Delhi University, AIIMS New Delhi, PGI Chandigarh, Rajasthan University Jaipur, Gujrat University Ahmedabad, Punjab University Chandigarh, Maharashtra University Nasik, Baba Farid University Faridkot, National Board of Examination new Delhi, Maharashi Dayanand University Haryana, Pt B D University of health Sciences Rohtak, and numerous centers of DNB all over India as Internal and external examiners.
  18. Conducting postgraduate courses since 2012 yearly based for students studying in various centers in India in department of Orthopaedics PGIMS Rohtak.
  19. Conducted more than 40 hands on workshops/ cadaveric courses/ symposia and Master hip courses as a course Director or as a part of group faculty all over India and in Bangla Desh on Pelvi-acetabular fractures and Hip reconstruction.
  20. Delivered nearly 500 Lectures/ papers in national/ regional CME’s and conferences in India and abroad.
  21. Assessor/ Inspector Medical Council of India New Delhi.
  22. Assessor/ Inspector National Board of Examination New Delhi.
  23. Coordinator National Board of Examination New Delhi
  24. Secretary General OASAC (Orthopaedic association of SAARC Countries)
  25. President APASI (Association of Pelvi-acetabular surgeons of India)
  26. Founder member and secretary Haryana Chapter IOA (1992-1998).
  27. President Haryana Chapter IOA (1998-2009).
  28. Executive member Indian Orthopaedics Association (1996-99).
  29. Member Centre state relationship committee Indian Orthopaedic association (1996-99)
  30. Executive member Indian Orthopaedics Association (2005-2008)
  31. Organized more than dozen conferences including of SAARC countries (Agra-2014) and New Delhi; March-2000.
  32. Member post graduate board of studies. University of health sciences.
  33. Member Academic council university of Health sciences Rohtak.

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