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Sleeping Position Tips After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Best Sleeping Positions After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Sleep plays a critical role in the healing process after any significant surgery. However, difficulty or trouble sleeping is one of the most frequent complaints experienced by the patients following a total hip replacement. The problem probably contributes to restless nights, whether waking up in pain or unable to sleep in the position they used to. It is also necessary to take extra care when going in and out of bed for a few weeks following the surgery to prevent dislocation.

An Overview of Hip Joint and The Need of Having A Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip joint is composed of the femoral head (the ball) attached to the acetabulum (the socket) making a ball and socket joint. The synovial membrane, which surrounds the articular cartilage covering the hip joint, lubricates the cartilage by generating a fluid, which removes all friction during hip movement. The most frequent cause of hip pain is arthritis, which deteriorates the cartilage around the affected area, rubbing against the bones and producing pain. It may also arise from a hip bone-damaging fracture or injury. A hip replacement is done when a patient’s pain is so severe that it keeps them from their regular activities and doesn’t go away when they are at rest. Prosthetic implants are used to replace the damaged hip joint, relieving pain and enabling normal daily activities.

If you are looking for the best place to have hip replacement surgery, you might keep in mind that India has the best orthopedic surgeons and hospitals with well-advanced equipment. Also, Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India are much cheaper as compared to other countries. Patients considering having a hip replacement in India are provided with an outstanding and cost-effective treatment.

Safe Way To Get Into Bed After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

It is necessary to be careful when getting in and out of the bed to prevent further injury to the hip. When getting into bed, sit on the edge and stretch the leg that got the hip replacement. Use your arms for support, tilt your lower back, and ascend onto the bed one leg at a time. Assume a secure sleeping position for yourself.

Best Sleeping Positions After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

After total hip replacement, sleeping on your back with a pillow between your legs is the best position. You can also place two pillows between your legs and sleep on your non-operative side. Make sure your legs and ankles are not crossed when you sleep on your back. Avoid bending your knees when you’re sleeping on your side. 

Here are some additional suggestions for sleeping safely while resting:

  • If you’re lying on your side, place a pillow between your knees so that it supports your foot.
  • While sleeping, avoid placing pillows under your knees.
  • Try not to lie on your stomach to sleep.
  • Sleep on a firm mattress.
  • Do not twist or turn your toes or leg inward in any manner.
  • Avoid crossing your ankles or legs.

Safe Way To Get Out of Bed After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

While getting out of bed, take out all the pillows and sheets. To support yourself, bend the leg that did not receive the hip replacement and lean on your elbows. When you’re almost at the bed’s edge, slide your bottom along. From a semi-lying position, push yourself up with your hands and elbows. Swing your body around to sit up by carefully sliding your hips and legs over to the edge of your bed. Stretch the injured leg and support yourself while standing on your stronger leg.

Factors to be Considered For Having A Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Several factors need to be taken into account if you consider having hip replacement surgery. Make sure you have already tried another treatment such as medication or physical therapy. If none of these gives you relief then it might be time for you to get surgery. Finding the right hospital and the right surgeon matters a lot to have a successful outcome. If you are struggling to choose the right option suitable for you, We will help you find the best hospitals and best total hip replacement surgeon in india according to your condition. We will identify the best medical options for you and provide you an affordable treatment plan. 

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