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Hip Osteotomy Surgery Cost in India

Hip Osteotomy Surgery Cost in India

Deformities in the joints and the bones can cause severe pain, particularly as individuals age. This pain can significantly impact a person’s daily life and restrict their mobility. Osteotomy is a common procedure in India that offers relief from this intense pain. The cost of these surgeries is usually reasonable, although it can vary depending on various factors.

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What is Osteotomy?

Osteotomy, also known as bone-cutting surgery, is a procedure that aims to realign or reshape bones and joints. It is a commonly performed surgery in different parts of the body including the spine, shoulders, hips, knees, toes, legs, and feet. The specific method used for an osteotomy surgery depends on the patient’s condition and is determined by the doctor. Osteotomy can be carried out to achieve various objectives.

  • Rectify malformed bones or disconnected joints
  • Restore impaired joints
  • Rectify the inclination or rotation of bones
  • Extend or reduce the length of bones
  • Alleviate pain in instances of osteoarthritis
  • Rectify and attend to additional bone concerns.

Types of Osteotomy

The osteotomy procedure is contingent upon the patient’s specific condition. Below are several procedures that a physician may suggest to a patient according to their condition:

Chin Osteotomy: A chin osteotomy is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape the chin. It is commonly performed to address issues such as an underdeveloped chin, a very short chin, or a narrow chin. By bringing the chin forward, this surgery can provide an alternative to using a chin implant.

Elbow Osteotomy: An elbow osteotomy is a surgical procedure used to correct misaligned elbow joints, where the arms are either too close or too far from the body. Depending on the specific conditions, different types of osteotomy may be recommended by doctors.

Spinal Osteotomy: Spinal osteotomy is a surgical procedure designed to correct the alignment of the spine. By addressing excessive or insufficient curvature in certain sections of the spine, this surgery aims to achieve balance, reduce pain, and prevent the recurrence of deformities.

Hip Osteotomy: This involves reshaping the hip socket or thighbone by cutting, reshaping, or partially removing bone tissue to align the weight-bearing surface of the joint.

Knee Osteotomy: It consists of cutting and reshaping the bones beneath the kneecap to address arthritis by redistributing weight from the damaged to the healthy side of the knee. The specific type of knee osteotomy needed is determined by the location of the damage.

Big Toe and Foot Osteotomy: This procedure includes straightening the big toe through a big toe osteotomy and addressing and reshaping foot issues through a heel or foot osteotomy.

Hip Osteotomy Surgery Cost in India

Hip Osteotomy surgery cost in India between Rs. 2.3 Lakh to 6 Lakh (approximately $2800 to $7200). Note that the cost can vary depending on the patient’s condition and the location or place you choose for the surgery.

Hip Osteotomy Surgery Treatment Cost in Different Parts of India 

Cities Starting Price
Delhi 2800 USD
Gurgaon 2700 USD
Noida 2500 USD
Mumbai 2800 USD
Kolkata 2600 USD
Bangalore 2700 USD
Chennai 2800 USD
Hyderabad 2700 USD

Note: that the cost and treatment options for Hip Osteotomy Surgery Cost in India may differ based on the patient’s preferences and other factors.

Factors That Can Affect Hip Osteotomy Surgery Cost in India

Below are some of the factors that can affect Hip Osteotomy Surgery cost in India:

  • Treatment Approach
  • Surgical Procedure Type
  • Additional Treatments in Combination with Hip Resurfacing surgery
  • Necessary Examinations and Assessment
  • Medical Facility Charges
  • Accommodation Classification.

Hip Osteotomy Surgery cost in India not only provides top-notch medical care and facilities comparable to renowned healthcare institutions globally, but also takes into consideration accommodation, meals, and transportation expenses. 

Hip Osteotomy Surgery in India

The surgical procedure for hip osteotomy is conducted either under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia, depending on the specific area of the body that requires surgery. The doctor will recommend the appropriate type of anesthesia accordingly. In the case of minor surgeries, such as those performed on the toe, local anesthesia may also be used.

During the surgery, the surgeon will make a 4-5 inch incision using a bone saw to access the soft tissues and muscles surrounding the affected bone. To shift the weight-bearing elements of the joints, a wedge-shaped bone near the damaged bone will be removed. This allows the weight to be redistributed to a healthy area with normal cartilage. The surgeon will double-check the new alignment and adjust the size of the wedge accordingly. The bones will then be brought together and secured with screws or metal plates to maintain the newly aligned joints.

After The Procedure

  • Following the procedure, the patient will receive appropriate pain-relieving medications and will be provided with instructions for post-operative care upon returning home. 
  • The patient will be taught how to change the bandages and will be informed about the necessary precautions to prevent any infections in the wound. 
  • During the first two weeks after surgery, it is important to take measures to reduce swelling in the operated area and protect it from sunlight and potential injuries to avoid any complications in the healing process.

Why Patients Perfer To have Hip Osteotomy surgery In India Compared to Other Countries?

Patients prefer India over other Western and Eastern countries since the country has some of the greatest medical care facilities and services, making treatment in India extremely popular. The country is home to the top orthopedic treatment hospitals, which use advanced technology to perform all types of injury-related surgeries. In addition, India’s orthopedic treatment costs are far more affordable than those of other states or countries worldwide. An overseas patient seeking Hip Osteotomy surgery in India can save between 30 and 40 percent less compared to their native countries.

Additionally, complete care is offered by the orthopedic institutions in India. This care includes thorough pre-operative assessments, less invasive surgery choices, and post-operative rehabilitation regimens. At these medical facilities, patients may anticipate compassionate care, tailored attention, and personalized therapy. Leading international organizations including the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) have accredited the hospitals.

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Why Choose Dr. Narender Kumar Magu?

Dr. Narender Kumar Magu is a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon from India whose outstanding expertise and dedication to the field have gained him international fame. For several decades, Dr. N. K. Magu has proven to be an exceptional specialist in many orthopedic fields, especially when it comes to hip preservation, reconstruction, proximal femoral osteotomies, and other related areas. His reputation as one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world has been cemented by his unparalleled commitment to enhancing the quality of life for his many patients.

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Most frequently asked questions for Hip Osteotomy Surgery Cost in India

Q: a Hip Osteotomy: Is It a Serious Surgery?

A: Even though it’s a big procedure, you won’t have to deal with pain or discomfort from an incorrectly positioned hip joint when you get back to your activities. You may potentially delay the onset of arthritis and postpone hip replacement surgery by getting your hip fixed.

Q: What Is the Duration of Recovery Following a Hip Osteotomy?

A: For there to be no limping when the leg is bearing its entire weight, these muscles must be strong. After surgery, most patients find they can resume most activities 10–12 weeks later, and they can resume sports and exercise after 6 months.

Q: What Is the Greatest Kind of Hip Surgery?

A: The best treatment option for those with hip osteoarthritis is total hip replacement. Osteoarthritis patients might be of any age, and the ailment has reduced their quality of life.

Q: What Is the Appropriate Age to Consider Osteotomy?

A: It is advised for those who are under 60 years old and old enough to congregate in a dynamic manner. Osteotomy, however, is usually performed on overweight people.

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