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Microdiscectomy Surgery Cost in India

Microdiscectomy Surgery Cost in India

A common misconception in the past was that huge incisions and extended recuperation times would result from spinal surgery. And even once all of that is finished, recuperation will take a long time. However, the procedure has been improved with microdiscectomy. Patients can now choose to have microdecompression or microdiscectomy. It is a minimally invasive treatment used on people suffering from low blood pressure. To relieve pressure on the spinal nerve column, the surgeon will remove the troublesome sections of the herniated disc during this treatment. 

What is Microdiscectomy Surgery?

Microdiscectomy is a surgical procedure that is used by surgeons to treat herniated discs. A portion of the spinal disc is removed by the surgeon during the surgery in order to release pressure on a nerve.

Because a microdiscectomy requires a smaller incision, an operating microscope, magnifying loupes, and a light, it is less stressful than an open discectomy. Although an open discectomy offers a surgeon additional options during complex surgery, it typically necessitates a lengthier hospital stay and may include a longer recovery period.

Who May Need a Microdiscectomy Surgery?

Surgery is generally recommended for individuals experiencing symptoms that are related to herniated discs in the spine, such as the lumbar region. The procedure is considered when more conservative treatments like physical therapy, medications, and other treatments fail to alleviate the symptoms. 

Individuals that can benefit from a microdiscectomy include individuals who are experiencing:

  • Persistent severe pain in the lower back, often due to pressure on a spinal nerve caused by a herniated disc.
  • Muscle weakness, numbness, and tingling in the legs or feet.
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control due to severe disc herniation.

Note: It’s important to know that not everyone with a herniated disc requires surgery. Your doctor can opt for non-surgical treatment first, and surgery is usually considered when the conservative treatments haven’t provided relief and symptoms significantly impact daily life or if there’s evidence of nerve damage.

Microdiscectomy Surgery Cost in India

The average Microdiscectomy Surgery Cost in India generally starts from Rs 1,30,000 (1500 USD). This is thought to be significantly more cheap when compared to several European nations. The precise sum, however, will differ based on a number of variables, including the required surgery type, the surgeon’s cost, the city and hospital facilities selected, etc. India is a popular destination for medical tourism since it is recognized for offering excellent healthcare services at a reasonable cost.

How The Surgery is performed?

During a microdiscectomy, the disc material pressing on the nerves is removed. During the procedure, general anesthesia is administered. During the entire process, you won’t feel anything and will remain unconscious. The patient is placed on their face during the treatment. The steps involved are as follows:

  • An incision will be made over the area of the affected disc i.e. A1- to 11/2- inch.
  • To help the surgeon clearly see the affected area, a lighted microscope is used.
  • A small portion of the bone is removed by the surgeon which protects the roots of the nerve.
  • The damaged herniated tissue is removed by the surgeon with a scissor-like tool, relieving the pressure on the nerves.
  • Sutures are used to close the incisions that are made on the body.
  • Compared to other, more intrusive processes, the recovery period is shorter. Usually, the patient is discharged on the same day of the surgery or the next day.

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Recovery Time After The Surgery

Before you leave the hospital, you will probably have appointments with an occupational therapist and physical therapist. These therapists will provide you with guidance on minimizing the amount of back-related bending, lifting, and twisting you undertake.

The exercises you can perform to increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles surrounding your spine may be recommended by the therapist. After the procedure, you should refrain from driving, bending over, lifting anything heavy, and sitting for extended periods. You won’t be able to get back to your routine right away, but it shouldn’t have a significant effect on your way of life.

It could be necessary for you to lessen your workload or take a few days off from work during the first week or two while you heal. After the procedure, you will also need to refrain from lifting large objects for two to four weeks. Generally speaking, this refers to any weight beyond five pounds.

It might also be necessary to gradually return to your regular level of physical exercise. For two to four weeks following the treatment, for instance, you might not be able to undertake physical activities or exercise. A complete recovery usually takes around six weeks.

Why Dr. N. K. Magu?

Dr. N. K. Magu is an Indian orthopedic surgeon who is well renowned globally for his extraordinary talent and dedication to his profession. Over many years, Dr. N. K. Magu has proven himself to be an exceptional specialist in several orthopedic fields, especially in the areas of proximal femoral osteotomies, hip preservation, reconstruction, and related subjects. His reputation has been cemented by his continuous commitment to enhancing the quality of life for his many patients.

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Most frequently asked questions for Microdiscectomy Surgery Cost in India

Q: What Is the Protocol for the Follow-Up?

A: Patients are usually asked to return to the hospital or the clinic two weeks following surgery to ensure the healing of the wound. Typically, follow-up appointments are set for every three and six weeks.

Q: What Should and Shouldn’t Be Done Following a Microdiscectomy?

A: When you sit or stand, try to shift positions roughly every 30 minutes. While you heal, this will help lessen your back pain. Until your doctor gives the all-clear, stay away from physically demanding activities like weightlifting, jogging, riding a bicycle, or aerobic activity. Find out from your doctor when you can resume driving.

Q: After a Microdiscectomy, Is Pain Likely to Return?

A: Infection and hemorrhage are among the usual hazards associated with surgery, however, the following consequences are more particular: Pain can come back. A disc may herniate again. It is possible to harm blood vessels, nerves, and the spinal cord.

Q: How Can Scar Tissue from a Microdiscectomy Be Avoided?

A: Some surgeons believe that mild stretching exercises should be performed in the early postoperative phase to reduce scarring of the nerve root because any surgical site will heal with scar tissue. Stretching safely involves lying down, fully flexing your hips, and then gradually extending your knee.

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