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Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in India

Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in India

Toe-lengthening surgery is a cosmetic foot procedure that involves lengthening the toes. It is commonly performed to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Usually, a tiny incision is made in the toe, and an implant or bone graft is inserted to add length. A few weeks may pass during the healing process, during which limited weight-bearing activities may be necessary. For people with specific medical conditions or those who have a history of foot issues, toe-lengthening surgery is not advised. 

What Is a Short Toe?

A short toe, also called brachymetatarsia is a common genetic issue of the foot. It occurs when one or more of the foot’s metatarsals are abnormally short. It usually affects the fourth toe in the foot. Although it does not cause much pain or discomfort like long toes or hammertoes, many people are eager to fix it.

Causes of Brachymetatarsia

The most common reason for brachymetatarsia is a genetic condition. It mostly affects the fourth toe, and stops the metatarsal from growing while the surrounding bones continue to grow normally. However, it can also result in a traumatic foot injury, especially when the growth plates in the affected toe are damaged.

Problems Associated With a Short Toe

An abnormally short toe can make the patient uncomfortable in addition to posing a risk for functional issues. Shoes may feel uncomfortable and ill-fitting because short toes tend to sit higher on the foot than surrounding toes, causing those neighboring toes to curl under the affected toe. Calluses may also form on the bottom of the foot due to the altered weight distribution brought on by the shorter toe.

Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in India

The average Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in India ranges from Rs 1,66,000 to Rs 8,00,000 (2000 USD to 9600 USD). This is considered much more affordable as compared to certain European countries. However, the exact amount will vary depending on several factors such as the choice of city and hospital facilities, the surgeons’ fee, and the type of procedure required, etc. India is well known for providing top-notch healthcare services at an affordable price making it a destination for medical tourism.

Starting Cost Rs. 1,66,000 (2000 USD)
Average Cost Rs. 5,00,000 (6000 USD)
Maximum Cost Rs. 8,00,000 (9600 USD)

Starting Average Prices in different Cities:

Cities Starting Price
Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in Delhi Rs 1,74,600 (2100 USD)
Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in Gurgaon Rs 1,66,000 (2000 USD)
Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in Noida Rs 1,50,000 (1800 USD)
Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in Mumbai Rs 1,74,600 (2100 USD)
Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in Hyderabad Rs 1,66,000 (2000 USD)
Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in Chennai Rs 1,66,000 (2000 USD)
Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in Kolkata Rs 1,50,000 (1800 USD)
Toe Lengthening Surgery Cost in Bangalore Rs 1,74,600 (2100 USD)

Note: Please keep in mind that the prices given above are merely an estimate of the treatment’s initial cost and are subject to change based on a variety of factors. 

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Different Methods For Treating a Short Toe?

The following are the conservative treatment methods that can be used to improve brachymetatarsia

  • Changing footwear – Shoes with greater depth and more room for the toe box can help distribute weight more evenly and allow the shortened toe more space to move.
  • Addition of padding – To ease the pain brought on by a short toe, a variety of over-the-counter pads and wraps are available that can be applied between the toes or behind the uncomfortable nail edge
  • Wearing an orthotics or arch support – Treatment options such as orthotics and arch support are excellent if the patient is unwilling to have surgery. They can reduce the gripping or clawing effect of short toes and can also support a flattening archway.

Who Are Candidates for a Short Toe Surgery

Surgery is usually considered only when the other non-surgical approach does not work. You may go for surgery if you are present in the following

  • Pain in the toe
  • Deformity of the toe
  • Unable to wear your choice of footwear
  • Unable to enjoy sports and other activities
  • Looking for an aesthetic appearance

Surgical Approaches For Treating a Short Toe

There are three main surgical methods for treating short-toes. The operations are always done under local anesthesia, which lowers the risks to health than general anesthesia.

  • External fixator lengthening – An external fixator called ‘Exfix’ is fixed to the bone segments to stretch the bone apart over time after a precise bone cut is made with the intention of preserving the blood supply. Patients slowly stretch the bone on their own by turning the device four times a day until the desired length is reached, at which point they remove the fixator. This is the most widely used method for getting any length to the bone.
  • Bone graft lengthening – This technique only involves one toe and is only taken into consideration for toes that need to be lengthened by less than one centimeter. The metatarsal is cut and a piece of bone graft taken from the heel is inserted into the gap. A tiny titanium plate and screws are used to stabilize the bone graft and the toe in its newly adjusted, elongated position, holding it in place. There is no risk of rejection of the bone graft.
  • Sliding bone cut lengthening – This technique is reserved for extremely mild cases. It entails cutting the metatarsal bone at an angle and then moving the cut bones onto one another to lengthen the bone. Out of the three, this procedure is the least performed because it achieves the least length.

Among these methods, an Exfix is reported to be associated with a higher chance of poor scarring, infection, failure of the procedure, and great difficulties with footwear during this period.

Post-surgical Care and Recovery

Generally, the surgery is completed within 60 minutes and is usually conducted as an outpatient procedure. Following brachymetatarsia surgery, recovery is typically influenced by the surgical technique used and the initial length of the toe. You may require a walking cast up to two weeks after the surgery. The bone will heal over a minimum of six weeks and in the case of graft it takes longer time to heal and may last for up to 12 weeks. After about 12 weeks, patients can typically resume their jobs, sports, and other leisure activities.

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